Recognize The Red Flags Of Narcissistic Abuse

Survivors of narcissistic abuse often describe the lure of being drawn into an intense relationship, or taking the bait of manipulative tactics that keep you locked in long after you realize something just isn’t right.

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About The eBook

You are a person of faith who has survived narcissistic abuse, and you wonder: “What happened?  How do I heal?  How did my faith put me at risk?  How do I use my faith to reclaim my worth, validate my freedom, and reconnect with the spiritual disciplines I need to heal, thrive, and fulfill my purpose?”


In UNbaitable U: Keys to Triumph Over Narcissistic Abuse, licensed psychologist, liberation theologian, and narcissistic abuse recovery expert Dr. Vanessa R. Abernathy (Dr. V) integrates her psychological knowledge with her personal theological reflection as a survivor and sojourner.  In her debut abuse self-help book, Dr. V presents a unique integration and application of faith and mental health in the healing journey from emotional abuse:

Key 1: Resign from the cover up

Key 2: Arm yourself with education

Key 3: Self-care is sexy

Key 4: Get the BEST revenge!

This book is for any survivor, ally, counselor, clinician, or coach who wants to hold space for the risks and resources of faith in recovering from emotional abuse.  This isn’t another How-To book, but a How-She book; Dr. V shares her keys with the faith that you’ll develop your own as you embark on the path to recovery.  


To work with Dr. V and her team, visit www.drvabernathy.com 


- Dr. V

Meet The Author

Dr. Vanessa Abernathy (Dr. V) is a clinical psychologist and liberation theologian whose aim and focus is to transform systems that oppress people, such that they might rise from surviving to thriving. She has expertise in overcoming emotional abuse and infidelity, and “arms others with education,” in her public speaking, private in-person and online events (currently she is slated to be a featured speaker at the  World Narcissistic Abuse Day 2021 Survivor Empowerment Summit ). Dr. V provides psychotherapy, family life education and community outreach through her private practice and provides education, training, consulting and mentoring via webinars and coaching programs. She embraces diversity and warmly welcomes all to tap into their values for life-changing results. In addition, she is committed to women’s health and mental well-being and enjoys seeing this growth in those she works with and in her own life.
EDUCATION: B.A. English Education, (North Carolina Central University, NC); M.Div. Theology (Duke University, NC); M.A., Psy.D. Clinical Psychology (Fuller School of Psychology, CA).

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